Sunday, September 9, 2012

Come Join me and Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

Join the QUEEN OF BLING'S Team

Please ask me how to join:
 If you are looking for a new Career.
 As I am hiring for sales people.
Ask me  how to get started today!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a Paparazzi Consultant, you simply sell $5 accessories – at your house, your friend’s house, the office, small craft shows, or big expo events. One party a year or a few a week, it’s up to you.
Because Paparazzi continually updates accessory collections, it’s never the same experience twice for you or your customers. New trends and original designs mean there’s never a lack of interest, or a lack of party opportunities.
Just follow these four simple steps:
1) Buy any starter kit. Each comes with everything you need (bags, display hooks, jewelry—it’s all covered!). Kit sizes range from small home parties to larger boutiques and events. See starter kits »
2) Plan and invite. Pick a time, date, and place to host your first Paparazzi party. Then spread the word to everyone you know.
3) Party it up. Display your accessories for all to try, and then watch them buy. Use your own creative flare to create the atmosphere you want. The sky is the limit when you party with Paparazzi.
4) Revel in success and repeat. Everything you make is yours to keep. Whether your goal is to make extra spending cash, fund a vacation, or generate income to pay the bills, you can make it happen through Paparazzi parties. You’ll be amazed just how easy it really is. Read the details in our Policies and Procedures.


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