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I am so excited that you have made the decision to start your Paparazzi business! For the short time I have been a consultant I have enjoyed every minute of it and love to help  my team grow confidently and build their Paparazzi businesses into the success we all deserve. Congratulations, enjoy the ride ;)Please read info below first!

You should see my name Glenda Cates at the top of the page. Feel free to read any of the information on this site and when you are ready, click the Become a Consultant button.

You will add my Sponsor ID # 9885 into the appropriate space and then continue to fill in your information.
You have the option to either purchase a starter kit or to simply enroll as a consultant for the one time $40 fee.
If you need to discuss the kits with any significant other, please do so. I do not ever want anyone to jeopardize their family for anything, even the greatest opportunity in the world.
If you have never been in direct sales or any home based business, then I personally recommend starting with at least the small party kits for $300. It's filled with 100 pieces, your choice of all jewelry or 70 pieces of Jewelry and 30 pieces of hair accessories. Check out the other kits to see if they are more beneficial to you or your already establish store front. (Salons and boutiques etc)
If you are capable of starting with the kit, it is wise to do so. But know this, your success does NOT rely on how you start with Paparazzi. So getting started with the $40 enrollment fee and then ordering what you can comfortably afford is ok. That's how I started, and I assure you, I will not fail because I didn't start with a kit. :)
 If you are ready, then go  Sign Me Up! 
When you have completed your registration, please email me at to tell me the great news and send me a friend request on Facebook :) at

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